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CS2013-Strawman-PBD-Platform-based Development (DEPRECATED)

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CS2013-Strawman-PBD-Platform-based Development (DEPRECATED)

The CS2013 Strawman Report comment period is now closed. Please see the CS2013 Ironman report for the latest CS2013 draft to comment on. Forum to comment on "PBD-Platform-based Development" Knowledge Area in the CS2013 Strawman report. We ask that comments related to specific text in the report please specify the page number and line number(s) of the text being commented on. Line numbers are provided on the far left-hand side of the each page.

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If I take the web section I might have expected mention of: how the web works; the various aspects of web engineering; the semantic web, smart phones and apps; web science. Standards. And so on.

Maybe this is covered elsewhere. Likewise for sections on games, etc.

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