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What Is It?

"ToonDoo was the happy result of brainstorming session that was aimed at creating a new way of expression for those who do not have the talent to draw. You can now just drag-drop or click to create comic strips that express your views, opinions, angst or to just have fun, loads of it!"

 —ToonDoo 2011/10/31


  • ZOHO Corporation (formerly AdventNet, Inc.)

Supported Platforms

  • Web-based


  • User Account


  • Free


  • Create a toon
  • Create a book
  • Sharing Features
  • Social place
Pros Cons
  • Versatility of site: amount of choices
  • Tagging
  • Comment Section
  • Galleries: easy navigation
  • Insert into blogs: has RRS feed capacity
  • Drag and Drop simplicity of use
  • Create toon books: invite friends to share site
  • Long time to render
  • Rights of your creation belong to ToonDoo
  • Censorship