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2009-10-01 Conference Call Meeting Notes

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Dan Garcia
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2009-10-01 Conference Call Meeting Notes

Instrumentation discussion

  • Boots: Dan's demo on rewards went over well @ ACM Ed Council Meeting
  • Dan:  It is up on the production site.  
  • Boots: now live, but not visible unless you know the link.
  • Dan: Server was buggy but updating systems seems to have fixed it.
  • Dan's demo should be part of the presentation at the meeting next week. (Dan: I'd be happy to do that)
  • Lois: Rewards and instrumentation.  List of names, not a header that identifies what this is from.  Links should be in ensemble (i.e., in fedora)
  • Boots: Not sure SIGCSE list needs to be in fedora
  • Lois: "In fedora" = metadata links
    (Whole SIGCSE list archive.)
  • Lois: Metadata, not the whole resource. 
  • Ed: status of the backup of resources at the San Diego Super Computing Center?
    • Cache with some policies for replicating things that are important.
    • Making things searchable and browsable through our user interfaces.
    • Instrumentation is summarizing data from the repository. Click on the link to the actual data.
  • Ed: Merger of data collection activities.  Objects elsewhere, metadata at Ensemble, union of all the activity in all the sites.
  • Boots:  Is there a privacy issue?  Should people be able to opt out?  Feature request: Profile.  Persistent personal preferences (e.g., opt out), photo, personal information (to build community).

How do we record bugs and features?

Meeting Preparation

  • Lois: Suggestion for the agenda for the meeting.  Group things together and have each presenter says 
    • Here's what we're doing
    • Here's what we plan to demo in November
    • Here's what we have in mind for the future/research
  • Rick: Need to have content flowing into the website, preferably by next week.
  • Ed: Need a curator for every collection that is large or seems to be important. 
  • Rick: Broader term for content.  Things that are highlighted on the website.
  • Ed: Talking about the collection, but we need both.
  • Rick: setting up an editorial process
  • Ed: Example.  In CITiDEL project.  History collection, not taken care of.  Syllabus collection.  Both need oversight.  
  • Lois: OAI harvest.  Do you find out about things that are now gone.  
  • Ed: Harvest only deals with the metadata records.  
  • Lois: Do you know if the metadata that you got earlier is gone.
  • Ed: Request new records, do not get updates of older material status.  Add-only model.  
  • Draft agenda included below. Discussion followed.