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2009-09-16 Conference Call Meeting Notes

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2009-09-16 Conference Call Meeting Notes

(Copy and Paste from the Google Docs page without trying to restore the editing.)
2009-09-16 Meeting Notes

  • Hotel for the Google meeting is accepting information. (Marriott)
  • Cars: Boots, Dan (can hold 3 others), Peter, Rick, Ed (7:51 flight. needs to be at SFO about 6:30). Lois maybe
  • Travel time from Google campus to airport: (about 23 mins up to 40 mins in traffic according to Google Docs)
  • Confirm with Maggie arrangements for non attendees to participate.
  • The meeting at Google is oriented toward leadership. Will not include students.


  • Alpha attempt at weaving in rewards into ENSEMBLE : http://www.computingportal.org/site/node/264
  • I summarized all the content from the Survey on the Google Doc and sent a link out
  • After putting in the rewards demo, my developers say that it's appropriate to move TECH directly into Drupal!!

Steve Edwards

  • will demonstrate his work -- CATs

Preparing the site before the meeting

  • Need updates from the other leads
    • What is the site going to look at it
    • What is the look and feel?
  • Look for message from Greg with questions
  • Do we have a public version and a private version
    • We do have a developers site.
  • *** YinLin -- please give access to the development site to the other leads.

General Discussion

  • Have their own drupal site and fedora installation. They test there. How hard will it be to move these to the production site.
  • Some groups may be private until they are ready to release.


  • Development site for new modules, not for new content


  • Need to have content for people to see when they get to the site.
  • Not just a work in progress at the launch in November.
  • How will things be presented in each of the areas that we have identified?
    • Actual content for each of the areas
    • Look and feel is a separate issue
  • Dan:
    • review of the list of resources, and their appearance and inconsistencies about the leaf nodes.
  • Rick:
    • Need to separate out the mechanics that we use for preparing the materials from the materials themselves. 
    • Internal project communications should not be appearing on the front page.
    • Need a public site for the team, but not public to everyone else. 
  • Dan:
    • Options for visibility: login, only admins, etc.
  • Rick:
    • When others have tools to introduce to the site, where do they go?  How do we highlight them on the front page?  Where do people submit for finding?
    • Two levels:
      • Create content with the tool.  Metadata. How is it harvested?  
      • Number of affiliated tools, highlight as they become available.
  • Dan:
    • TECH is a top level listing of tools, not a place to use the tools.
    • Rewards demo on Ensemble -- Not quite ready yet.  Live information about who has posted most frequently to SIGCSE list this month.  Great step in the recognition and rewards process.
    • TECH will be embedded within the Ensemble project.
  • Lois:
    • Search process.  
  • Boots:
    • Search of the Addison Wesley site plan -- find the book and link to the ancillary materials.
  • Dan: 
    • Should we make a mockup?
  • We need a summary of the other areas -- content done nicely by Dan.  We need other areas (Greg & Frank: tools), Patrick (Research), Peter (Look and Feel)
  • Practical details of how to get these lists going?
  • All leads -- Do the summary of the survey

Very high priority -- decide on our look and feel. What do we want to present as our identity? Can Peter manage this? Do we have some candidates to be considered? Steve Carpenter might have some ideas? Color and image Layout