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  • The EDISON Initiaitive collection is an expanding volume of integrated reports and descriptions that collectively make up a book which forms a comprehensive picture of the EDISON initiative at any point in time. This link  provides introduction to EDISON Data Science framework.

  • The Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application by American Statistics Association provides a few guidelines for Data Science Curriculum for undergraduate programs. This link provides the details regarding it.

  • INFORMS is the largest international association for data science professionals. INFORMS provides numerous outlets for members to collaborate, meet, and share best practices and offer organizations access to these professionals and the benefits of their expertise.

  • The Berkeley University has a program, Master of Information and Data Science which is designed to be completed in 20 months. It is classified as Foundation courses, advanced courses and a capstone course. This link provides more details about each phases.

  • The University of Minnesota has a masters program in Data Science . This link provides more details about the curriculum of this program.