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CS2013-Ironman-Chapters 1-6

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CS2013-Ironman-Chapters 1-6
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Forum to comment on Chapters 1 to 6 of the CS2013 Ironman report. We ask that comments related to specific text in the report please specify the page number and line number(s) of the text being commented on. Line numbers are provided on the far left-hand side of the each page. Please note: Comments on individual Knowledge Areas should be posted in the respective Forum for the Knowledge Area being commented on (not here).

CS2013 Ironman Knowledge Area 5 SP: Practice not Issues
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The CS2013 Ironman draft refers to the Knowledge Area "SP" mostly as "Social and Professional Practice" but in a few places as "Social and Professional Issues".

I suggest using "Practice" rather than "Issues" throughout. Change:

Chapter 1, Page 7, Line 89,
Chapter 5, Page 33, Line 136

ps: The draft is very useful for thinking about how to redesign an Australian masters in computing

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