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CS2013-Ironman-SDF-Software Development Fundamentals

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CS2013-Ironman-SDF-Software Development Fundamentals
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Forum to comment on "SDF-Software Development Fundamentals" Knowledge Area in the CS2013 Ironman report. We ask that comments related to specific text in the report please specify the line number(s) of the text being commented on. Line numbers are provided on the far left-hand side of the each page.

thread-safe data structures?
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In the topics and objectives of section SDF/Fundamental Data Structures (p. 165, lines 113-134), I don't see any mention of thread-safety with respect to data structures. Most textbooks do not present data structure operations that are thread-safe, but in the multicore era, this needs to change. Curriculum 2013 can help catalyze the change by including the topic.

It seems as though learning about this topic (e.g., the difference between a Vector and an ArrayList in Java) should be at least in Core Tier-2 (if not Tier-1), so that instructors will -- at some point in the curriculum -- teach their students the difference between data structures whose operations are thread-safe and those whose operations are not. And since many languages (unlike Java) do not provide thread-safe data structures, students should know how to implement such operations in a thread-safe manner (and the performance tradeoff involved). Perhaps make understanding the difference a Core Tier-1 topic/outcome, and knowing how to implement thread-safe data structures a Core Tier-2 topic/outcome?

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