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CS2013-Ironman-SE-Software Engineering

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CS2013-Ironman-SE-Software Engineering
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Forum to comment on "SE-Software Engineering" Knowledge Area in the CS2013 Ironman report. We ask that comments related to specific text in the report please specify the line number(s) of the text being commented on. Line numbers are provided on the far left-hand side of the each page.

parallel software design
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In section SE / Software Verification and Validation (p. 178, line 403 of the Ironman-v1.0), I see 'Testing parallel and distributed systems", which is good. However, I don't see any mention of designing such systems in the topics or objectives of section SE / Software Design (p. 174, lines 271-338), or any mention of how to construct such systems in the topics of objectives of section SE / Software Construction (p. 176, lines 343-388). This effectively lets software engineering instructors "off the hook" when it comes to addressing potential parallelism in software design / implementation. If it is important to know how to test such systems, it is also important to know how to design and construct them. A mention of this topic with a cross-reference to SF / Parallel (p. 183, lines 102-107) would seem appropriate.

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