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manaswini arcot
DataScience Flipped Classes Forum Topic

 This is a discussion on Flipped Classes Approach on teaching DataScience.


Teaching Kits
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I attended the Data Science Education BOF at SIGCSE and have found myself here. I'm interested in helping to support Data Science Education from a combo industry/academic perspective, especially in machine and deep learning.

NVIDIA has recently partnered with Professor Yann LeCun of New York University (NYU) to develop a machine learning Teaching Kit covering the academic theory and application of machine and deep learning on GPUs. The curriculum addresses a wide range of critical machine learning topics enabling educators to empower their students with the AI skillsets they’ll need in industry. Other Teaching Kits offered cover Accelerated Computing and Robotics. Instructors can get access to the Teaching Kits at developer.nvidia.com/teaching-kits.

I would also like to invite everyone to GTC17. You can save USD$1200 off the regular registration rate using my personal code NVJBUNGO on top of the non-profit registration + training. The conference is May 8-11 in San Jose, CA. Among many other things, there will be more than 30 hands-on instructor-led labs across machine learning and GPU programming.

Thanks for taking a look. Feel free to reach out to me directly at jbungo@nvidia.com.

Kind Regards,

GPU Educators Program Manager
NVIDIA Corporation | Academic Programs

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New for 2018
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Our 2018 BOF at SIGCSE was the largest ever and about 70 new people have joined our interest group.  This is a place for discussion.  

To get things started, please comment on this:  What is the best was to cross the disciplinary boundaries in datascience educatioin?  Should there be a cooperative program jointly managed by multiple departments?  Should there be a single home for the program with courses from other departments also required?  Is it necessary/desirable to require some domain of application for the datascience concepts or can they be taught independent of an application domain?  

I hope to get some good discussion on these questions, but don't hesitate to ask others.

Boots Cassel


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