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This site was created to provide a collection of all things relevant to the first-year course in computer science, often referred to as CS1. This includes the introduction of computer science at the K-12 level as well as those provided at the college and university levels. Roughly speaking, we see this as a repository for textbook reviews, programming language considerations, syllabi, teaching resources, and teaching strategies. Our hope is that this group will provide educators and other members of the computer science community with a collection of CS1 related resources that is easy to navigate, search, and contribute to.

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  • Textbook Post: to post your experience or thoughts about a particular CS1 related textbook.
  • Software/Other Resources: to post your experience or thoughts about the various non-textbook related resources for teaching CS1 such as websites, conferences, workshops, videos, and other books to name a few.
  • Language Post: to post their experience or thoughts about the various languages that are used in teaching CS1.
  • Syllabus: to post their experience or thoughts about a given CS1 syllabus or curriculum.
  • Teaching Strategy: This content type is intended to provide a forum for those wishing to post their experience or thoughts about the virtually never ending array of strategies used (successfully or not) in today’s classrooms, computer labs, and lecture halls. 

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