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The ensemble portal provides easy access to:
COLLECTIONS of educational resources hosted by our partners

COMMUNITIES that can create and share documents (within the group or with the public), discuss things on forums, and contribute educational resources.

TECHNOLOGIES  that might be useful when you teach (for use in-class and out-of-class).

We invite you to share your opinions about how a resource worked for you!  For all ensemble content, you can provide comments and ratings to help other users find what they need.

Things that you can do here:

browse collections, community content, or technologies

Click on the COLLECTIONSCOMMUNITIES, or  TECHNOLOGIES tab. This is useful if you know which collection or community that you are interested in.

log in to ensemble

Click on the LOGIN tab; enter your ensemble username and password or login in using OpenID or Facebook.

You’ll be able to comment, rate, and tag resources. You’ll have the option to join a community. (coming soon) You’ll be able to upload a resource of your own.

share a collection by partnering with ensemble:

We welcome new partners collections of computing educational resources!  

Contact us through the ABOUT tab and we’ll help you set up the harvesting process. Your resources will have greater visibility and can receive social feedback in the form of comments, rates, and tags.  You will continue to host the resources on your site; we’ll feature your collection in our browse and search facilities.

search for a computing education resource

Search all content (from partner collections, groups, and technologies) using the SEARCH box. After a search, narrow down the result list using filters on the left side of the page.

consider joining a community

See a complete list of our communities through our COMMUNITIES tab.  

Some communities are all private, others all public, and some have both public documents and private documents.  Private documents are viewable only by members of the community.Be sure to LOGIN to ensemble to see the membership possibilties.Some communities allow you to join immediately, some invite you to request membership, and some are by invitation only - listed as closed.

help moderate incoming resources:

The success of an online community is often closely tied to the efforts of key people who work to organize, filter and edit submissions. We welcome anyone who wishes to help us with this important task.  

Please contact us through the ABOUT tab

create an account on ensemble

Click on the LOGIN tab; choose CREATE NEW ACCOUNT.

Your account will be created immediately. You’ll be able to comment, rate, and tag resources. You’ll be able to consider joining a community. (coming soon) You’ll be able to upload a resource of your own.

create a new community:

Click on the CONTACT tab and send us a message.  
We’ll work with you to set one up.  It’s quick and easy.

make suggestions for or ask questions about the ensemble site:

Contact us through the ABOUT tab and we’ll be happy to help you!

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